Gujarat Fluoropolymers Research Center (GFRC) at Dahej, Gujarat, is at the forefront of business development activities and serves as an essential bridge between market requirements and operations. With a team of highly efficient researchers, scientists and product specialists, GFRC boasts of state of the art equipment including an application development laboratory and enables GFL to offer customized solutions to its customers and develop sustainable manufacturing technologies. With a prime focus on offering genuine expertise and prompt customer support on GFL’s products, GFRC is committed to developing sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s needs. The centre has collaborations with renowned educational and research institutes such as Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and has established two priority R&D focus areas:

1. New product Development

Equipped with multiple DCS operated pilot reactors and an R&D laboratory with sophisticated analytical and polymer characterization equipment. The centre constantly delivers customized fluoropolymer products for novel applications. Starting as a manufacturer of PTFE, GFL, currently offers a multitude of Fluoropolymers to its customers across the globe namely PFA, FEP, PVDF, FKM as well as Fluoropolymer based Polymer Processing Aids

2. Sustainable manufacturing technologies

Our team of researchers and scientists with a dedicated surfactant laboratory develop chemistries for a greener tomorrow. We strive hard to develop manufacturing technologies which have zero impact on the environment, thereby ensuring a sustainable future for the coming generations. All GFL products are PFOA free and the team is dedicated to develop manufacturing technologies based on short chain and non-fluorinated surfactants with limited to zero health and environmental hazards.

GFRC facilitates smooth functioning in three focus areas:


  • Technical service
  • Records and citations
  • Pre-sales documentation
  • Development of Processing Guidelines
  • Application development
  • Product Literature


  • Product Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Analytical Support


  • Functional Testing
  • Certification and regulatory compliances
  • Statistical analysis and Control
  • Customer on-site audits
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Compliance to Quality Agreement with customers